Wednesday, October 10, 2007

My Daily Serving of Chicken Soup

I love my daily serving of Chicken Soup. I have not regreting subscribing to the daily e-mail of single stories. Somedays, I wasn't able to open it but i can always go back and read. The stories are heart warming and there are times that it's just what i need to keep my feet on the ground or to get me dreaming with the clouds. I like the motto too. "Changing the world, one story at a time". Today, I was so touched by the story that i've decided to post something about it. The title is:

Mom’s Last Laugh
By Robin Lee Shope Submitted by Jane Etz

The story is protected by copyright so I don't think i can just copy the whole thing and paste. But you can view and read through the link i provided above. I like the story because its sweet and it's like a dream or a fairy tale. It has touched my 'hopeless romantic' side and i'm feeling abit giddy inside. :) Most of all, it has humor in it. Love and humor is such a good pair. When this pair presents themselves to me, i just melt... :)

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