Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Oppss… I Did It Again…. :)

Yup… old habits never die. I’m totally hopeless. I have started watching Desperate Housewives Season 3 last night. I only borrowed one DVD from Blockbuster. This one DVD has 4 episodes in it. I told myself I would watch this within the week until I borrow another one. But last night, after watching Heroes at 10 PM, I decided to see the 1st episode. I know I should stop but my weakness gave in. Not once, four times I gave in. I finished the whole 4 episodes in one night. I am so thankful I only borrowed one DVD.
So I slept 1 am with a very sorry ass. Hehe… I’m so bad. I have no excuse because whether I finish 1 or 4 episodes I’m still bitin! Anyway, as long as I’m not sleeping in front of my boss then I will treat it as a minor problem.

Like the movie ‘Rome’, I would not let my kids watch this. I watch this after my kids have gone to bed. But, it is not as bad as ‘Rome’. Desperate Housewives definitely has less nudity, less blood and less sexual content. I like this movie because of the humor content. Some situations are way exaggerated ( or I’m just living in a secluded world) that I can’t imagine being in their shoes. They are indeed extra ordinary housewives (should I say high class?). I like their houses though. Maybe I need to have that kind of house before I get into those kinds of situations. Anyway, I am content being an spectator, watching from a distance. I am always waiting for something embarrassing to come up only to find myself looking away because it makes me feel uncomfortable.

That is total entertainment.

P.S. Now about my title. I know I should not write anything controversial and that my title somehow gave an impression that I will be commenting on Britney Spears. I’m so sorry but at the moment, all I can say is: she needs to clean up her act or she’ll be singing that song over and over again.

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