Monday, September 17, 2007

Word Watch

Here’s alist of new words to familiar myself with. They are from the most recent book I read (i. e. Eldest by Christopher Paolini). I do have a habit of writing down words that are new to me when I read. When I encounter an unfamiliar word, I stop, go to the computer and do a thesaurus check. It helps me understand the book better. Of course, there were times that I am on bed reading and it helps to have a thesaurus nearby.

These are heavy words, not something I use everyday nor will I ever use for everyday conversation. Maybe when I start to write a book, it would come handy. In any rate, they are worth remembering just in case I would need them soeday.

Here is the list:

Iridescent - shimmering
Warrens – burrow, den, lair
Chops – jaw, mouth
Taciturn – aloof, cold
Quagmire – marsh, swamp, bog
Trepidation – fear, anxiety, unease
Welt – swelling, ridge, mark
Ameliorated – improved
Acuity – insight, perception
Arcane- mysterious
Fetter – tie
Contrition – repentance
Cunning – wise
Succinct – concise, to the point
Depredation – damage, devastation
Visceral – instinctive, primitive

The word I like most is… Depredation!! I guess I will start using this more

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