Monday, September 17, 2007

Obsessions Over… is it?

Finally… my obsession over ROME2 and Eldest is over…. Or are they?? Maybe they were just put on hold until a sequel comes out. As far as I am concerned the story was never concluded. The main thing I despise about interesting stories is that they never end…hehe.

ROME 2 ended with Octavian winning the war with Anthony and Cleopatra (after the war, they both killed themselves), Titus Pullo lost his wife and unborn son, and finally took his son (with Cleopatra) and hid him from Octavian (who wants to kill the kid believing the boy is Ceasars son), and Veronus died. That’s about it but history says there’s more after that so I’ll be waiting for Season 3.

As for the Eldest book (a sequel to Eragon)… a lot happened. Mostly about Eragon’s training with the Elves. The revelation of another Rider (an Elf in the name of Oromis) and a red dragon (name I cannot pronounce but it’s spelled Gealdr) kept hidden by the elves, which became Eragon and Saphiras mentor. Eragons cousin Roran had his own battle with Galbatorix armies. In the end, the Varden won the battle between Galbatroix Army but another new Rider appeared in the name of Murtagh and his dragon Thorn and that he seemed to have greater power than Eragon. To complicate matters, Eragon found out that Murtagh is his brother and his Father is a follower of Galbatorix. There’s more to happen and it would be on the third book entitled ‘Inheritance’. *shucks* I’ve got to stop reading books that leave people hanging! If this book is to be made to a movie, I’d like to see how they would create the Elves’ forest. It would probably be very beautiful.

Now that I'm done with these fixations, I am compelled to move on to another. Afterall, the cure for any obsession is to get another one. :)

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