Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Such A Telenovela….Rome is!

*yawn* With much regret, I’m totally drowsy today and its only 9AM. As if I had some drinking session last night minus the hang over.. he he. I slept late again!!! I’m down to 7th episode of Rome2. One more episode and I’m done with the whole season!

I can’t help it. I’m totally addicted to this movie. It’s like a telenovela back home where you can’t wait to find what will happen next. I guess if I’m watching it in broadcast, the schedule limits my viewing time. But I have the DVDs!!! I completely control my viewing time. Mostly before starting the movie, I promised myself only one episode a night. After the first episode, I will try to convince myself that one more won’t hurt. I give in (who else am I to argue with???). After the second episode…. It took great effort to pry myself out of the couch. Only when my conscience started to say…’you must think of your children… you must think of your meetings tomorrow…’ then I finally let go. I saw two episodes last night and went to bet 12 midnight. When in bed, I couldn’t sleep. All the scenes from the movie are flashing over and over in my mind. It’s like my mind has absorbed too much and is too hyper to shut down. It took me another hour before I finally was able to sleep. That’s the torment I have to endure (it’s alright, I’m guilty on all counts!)

So far…it’s a brilliant movie (my standard). It’s as good as season 1. I am a person so easy to please. As long as my attention is caught through out the movie, then I will consider the movie good. The movie exhibits mature matters; I would not recommend it at all to children. It made me feel hate, love, excitement. It made me cry and laugh. Definitely went through a roller coaster of emotions.

I still stand by my previous character choice…it’s Titus Pullo to the end! Hopefully he doesn’t die in the end. That would make me very sad.

The character I hate most? Hmmm… I can’t really say hate, they were all driven by greed, power and lust, and these molds their character. I can say Atia is the most vile of all the characters. She is selfish, heartless and exceedingly shrewd. Atia is niece of Julius Ceasar, mother of Octavia and lover of Anthony.

I guess I’ll have to continue talking about this until I see the last episode. Suspense, suspense….

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